Dominic BednarEnergy vulnerability

Doctoral researcher Dominic Bednar examines factors that produce and sustain energy vulnerability and explores strategic mitigation solutions.

ShivaRaissicharmakaniLow-income energy assistance perspectives

Graduate researcher Shiva RaissiCharmakani investigates the low-income residential energy safety net and utility-sponsored energy efficiency assistance programs.

Nalin_headshotAffordable green housing

Graduate researcher Nalin Bhatia explores barriers and opportunities for designing and deploying affordable green housing.

MichaelReinerUrban energy social networks

Graduate researcher Mike Reiner studies the role of networks in energy efficient technology adoption.

img_2334-e1503034742322.jpgUrban green roofs

Graduate researcher Lino Sanchez seeks a greater understanding of the ecosystem services provided by urban green roofs.

SydneyForresterFinancing LMI energy efficiency

Graduate researcher Sydney Forrester investigates low- to moderate-income energy efficiency upgrade financing.

KelyMarkleyCommunity-based energy projects

Graduate researcher Kely Markley explores community-based approaches to energy efficiency.

TylerFitchEnergy democracy

Graduate researcher Tyler Fitch explores models for urban energy independence.

BenStaceyEquity in energy waste reduction policies

Graduate researcher Ben Stacey examines distributional inequalities in the implementation of state energy waste reduction policies.

GusCorderoEquity in renewable energy

Undergraduate researcher Gus Cordero works on the DOE-funded Unlocking Widespread Solar Adoption project exploring expanding solar access for low- to moderate-income households.